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Better late than never... Five for Fraturday, May 29/30

Well, friends... It has been a glorious week....
Let's jump in! 

Right after school on Friday, a friend and I headed to... DISNEYLAND! What better way to celebrate the end of the school year than to kick of the 60th celebration at my favorite place?!? I am a sucker for all promotional items, so I made sure to stay well caffeinated in my new travel mug! I use every souvenir mug I get in the park for my morning coffee at work. It seems to take the early morning "edge" off. :)

Don't mind me, the sun was in my eyes!

I will be teaching summer school this year, so I have been working at school on getting my room ready for that. I am only going to have about 13-15 students, so it will be much easier to work in small groups.. I needed some fuel on my way home yesterday, so I decided to stop at Dunkin Donuts near us to try it out. I am a Krispy Kreme loyal, through and through, but once I tasted that coffee, I understood the fuss!
These little beauties came from Vista Print this week. I had been debating ordering business cards, but Lindsey from L, Paull Designs for All was offering free design to those of us who have used her for our blog designs. Naturally, I couldn't pass the opportunity up, and I requested. I am really happy with the design she came up with, so I went ahead and ordered them from Vista Print. Then, I met up with the Nor Cal Teacher Bloggers and they all agreed that it was a good idea for TPT Vegas. If you see me there, PLEASE ask for a card. I can't wait to meet you all!!! 

I know I already posted about these this week, but I am truly excited to use them this year! If you aren't sure what it is, check out the link. I may even "cheat" and start using them with my summer school students! Then, I can work out the kinks, if needed.
This year, we had quite a few dear students graduating from high school in youth group. I had the privilege to attend graduation last night, courtesy of one of our students who means a lot to many of us. Our local high schools require ticket admission because there are usually over 400 students graduating each year (before they split into two high schools, my class was over 800!!). I was fortunate enough to receive one of her tickets, and was so proud to watch her walk the stage on the same field I did 13 years ago! 
Well, that is about it for this week! I have an 8th grade graduation party for my awesome little cousin this afternoon, and then summer school on Monday! Can't wait to share some summer school ideas with those of you in the same boat! 


  1. What a lovely treat to go to Disneyland. Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

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  3. Oops! Sorry for the deleted comment!
    Looks like you had a busy first week. And what a great way to kick off summer at Disneyland!
    Always Kindergarten