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A FREE blogger shirt?!

Hi, friends! If you are like me, you are getting excited for #TPTVegas in July! I was looking for t-shirts to highlight my blog this week, and Brianne from Hooo-ray For Teaching sent a text to me, Brittany, and Sarah this morning about how to get a FREE teacher blogger shirt. Yep, free! You need to go to Teacher Shirts and upload your image and text. They will then send you a quote for your shirt (which will be free). All you need on your shirt is some form of blog button, design, etc. All you need to get your shirt is to click the link, design, submit for quote, and give a shout out to the website in one form or another. That easy. I am excited to see how my shirt turns out!
*UPDATE: here it is! Pretty, huh? I am so happy with my FREE t-shirt!!** If you see me in my shirt at TPT Vegas, PLEASE come say hi!! They also will have a table at the SDE conference in Vegas, so make sure you stop by and get some great designs, clearance, and promotions!! Get to designing, friends! :)

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