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Five For Friday, May 8th

Oh, my goodness! This has been a cah-raaaaazy week!
1.  I went out of town for my good friend's bachelorette party. This is a small idea of what our friendship is like:
 Monday, we started DIBELS assessments, which actually went fairly smoothly.
2. Our butterflies were ready for action, having emerged from the chrysalides this week. We had a great time releasing them to their natural habitat today with one of our TK classes.
 On Tuesday, we went to the Children's Museum about 30 minutes away. My students were in HEAVEN! I have been really fortunate to work in a school where the PTA is very supportive of teachers and field trips, so students were all able to go!
3. On Wednesday, I was feeling a bit behind on separating our work for Open House. I had planned on filing them by student this year. I just settled for the alphabetical separation on my kitchen floor. It works, right?

I ended up hole punching the corners and slipping a ring to make it more like a flip book. Parents liked that they were easy to transport, and it made it cheaper than binding combs!
4. AH! Open House is in the books, folks! I cannot stress enough how GREAT the families I work with are! Such supportive, sweet, encouraging people. I love my job.
The green and red items on my rolling cabinets are Very Hungry Caterpillars with each stage of the butterfly life cycle using pasta and rice. They turned out really cute. I got the idea from a Kindergarten teacher friend in another district last year. Hanging from the ceiling are our octopus' which have bingo dauber dots building to 8 on each tentacle. (1 dot on first, 2 on second, etc) 
5. After a long week, I am having an easy and calm weekend! Next weekend is the Northern California Teacher Blogger Meet-up, and there are only 10 days left in school! I can't believe it, folks! I hope to blog more than once this week, with some ideas for activities during assessments (as it is assessment week), since our students need to keep learning, even during assessment time! :) Until later, friends! 

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  1. Your classroom looks so warm and inviting! Those memory flip books must be filled with great memories!