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Back to School BASH

Hello, friends! I am happy to welcome you to a brand new linky, which will run every Wednesday for the next four weeks! The Back to School BASH linky will have four different themes, and this week is Classroom Set-up and Organization...

Since we go back to school in LESS THAN 2 weeks, I have been in my classroom working. I am NOT done, but I wanted to share what I have done... I have a long ways to go, and wish I had more in the way of organization, but alas, I am just not there yet! :) 
This is what my room looked like last week when I went in and started purging my stuff:

Don't judge me, I have been a busy bee! :)
Now, here is what I have accomplished:
I put up a new border and header for my Word Wall (it used to be a student work display board)
Yes, those are little tiny Mickeys that I glued onto the border. I couldn't help myself...

This year, I am using Brag Tags as incentives for EVERYTHING, but I didn't want students to take them home and lose them. I wanted them proudly displayed. So, I made this "Wall of Fame." I love this awning! The Mice are from Disneyland and are actually postcards. :)
Don't mind the cords. They will be disguised nicely before students come... My objective board is on the white board, and is created using magnetic border. I also have a "College Talk" label for the academic vocabulary we are learning.
Ok, I am IN love with this area... Last year, it was my Word Wall, and was dead space... Like, table with tubs that was NOT functional. I am hoping that moving my word wall over to my writing area (DUH, ERIN!) will be better, and now I have an ACTUAL AREA for a listening center. Plus, how CUTE is that couch that my fabulous admin found for me?! The wall with chalkboard fadeless paper (it's a real thing!!) will be completed when I finish printing my headers... I made the numbers, and the framed signs, but this is a blurry picture, so I will have to post another later. I really want to do tissue pom Mickey ears in the corner, or maybe a red polka dot bow. :)The bag at the bottom is for the birthdays that I will do once I have my birthday chart printed and ready to hang. I am also planning on adding borders around my window! Stay tuned for more later! 
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Assess Me! A Fun Linky!

Hi, friends! I am linking up with The Tattooed Teacher for a series called "Assess Me!" It's an easy way to get to know others! Here are my responses for "Yes or No..."

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Classroom readiness and home updating

Hi, friends!
Can you feel it? The summer is winding down, and school is ::this close::!  Just a reality check, I have 17, count 'em, 17, days until my new students arrive! The excitement is palpable!! I am most excited, because I am planning a room update, a behavior plan improvement, and so much more!! I am one of those teachers who thinks about her classroom all year long. Including summer. I am sure you all are too. One of the ways I am updating the classroom is by creating, creating, creating! While I LOVE using The Mouse in my room, I didn't want to go with cookie cutter design. I am including new elements of design, using skills I learned from the TPT conference. Don't get me wrong, I used The Mouse in many ways last year: Mickey bulletin board, Mickey ears on my clock, Red and white polka dotted borders, My "P" that a wonderful friend made for me, Disney Word Wall, and more... BUT! as I was looking for ways to update, I was realizing, I CAN DO THIS!
I whipped these two signs up using a few skills I learned from the Super Powers of PowerPoint session I attended, led by Rachelle Smith, Michelle Oakes, and Hope King! Fabulous team, fabulous session!

I am working on ONE more of these to go in the frame I already had a quote in last year! These will be placed on the bookshelves in my classroom library to inspire students as they get cozy with a book. If you would like these, I will make them free on TPT in a few days!

Just thought I would show you my newly cleaned scissors... These were run through a cycle in the dishwasher, and are sanitized for the school year. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Did I tell  you yet that there are a few changes going on at home? My landlord/roommate is going to be moving for a few months to get her Master's, and I will be adjusting here with some of the decor. Now, I have been eyeing the Raskog cart at Ikea for over 6 months for the sole purpose of creating a coffee cart! The lighting is terrible, but it turned out EXACTLY the way I'd hoped it would!!

One more thing.... Vista Print is having a BIG SALE! I had offered my Facebook followers an exclusive: I'd design a classroom Welcome sign personally FOR YOU for $1 until Sunday. Yep. You can then order it from Vista Print (or print at your favorite supply store). I have a referral link here, which you can use to help me help you. :) One BIG thing about Vista Print: they're having a HUGE sale on their website until Tuesday, using the promo SAVEBIG. You should definitely take advantage! If you'd like a sign, please like my Facebook page for details! It has been fun to create them!

Tell All Tuesday

Hello, friends!
I am excited to link up with Jayme and Diana again for our summer series of Tell All Tuesday!!
Today's topic is a REALLY fun one! :)

Who doesn't spend most of their summer planning and dreaming for the school year and making their room warm and inviting for their students?! I know I do. In fact, I have spent a lot of my summer free time creating different themes for others in my TPT store. I even did my first custom request last week, and it was sooooo rewarding for me to create something for someone else!

In my dreams, I would love to have a fully organized, coordinating classroom... While I LOVE the red, yellow, and black theme ('a la my favorite mice), I have seen SO many cute designs using black and brights.... I am IN LOVE with how Reagan Tunstall arranged her classroom last year. It didn't even look like a classroom. It looked like a HOME! I want my students to feel as comfortable as possible in my classroom, especially since kindergarten is typically the first exposure some of them have to school. Here are some of my favorites from her classroom...

I also LOVE the Mouse, and it is SO fun to find items that can be re-purposed to match this theme...
Here are some of the fun items I found and pinned....

A CUTE wreath to welcome them in....

A subtle, themed teacher desk...

They would LOVE to curl up and read on this couch!

And, of course, School Girl Style has staged a cute room that would blend well with my theme this year:

I also love this one

A dream classroom also includes an incredibly organized teacher who has her materials highly organized for easy planning!
I like this

And, of course, Aly from Just a Primary Girl has some of the CLEANEST, PRETTIEST organization ideas! {She is also one of my faves on Periscope, and I had a fangirl moment in Vegas and couldn't say hi! She is incredibly nice, I don't know why I didn't!!}
I could go on and on with this linkup. I truly had trouble deciding what to include without making this the longest blog post ever! I love this topic! I can't wait to see what everyone else shares! Please link up with us, if you'd like to share!

One Lovely Blog Award

Hello, friends! It is Friday, and what better way to spend the evening than cuddled up, watching Real Housewives of ANYwhere, listening to Periscope, and talking to you!? Awhile back, Jayme nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award, and I have been meaning to post about it, but with summer break in full swing, it has taken me awhile..
This award usually goes to us "smaller" bloggers!! What an honor to be nominated for this award!!
So, here are 10 "fun" facts about me....

1. I am the second of 4 kids. The order is boy-girl-boy-girl. Both brothers are married, and the eldest has 2 boys, making me a very proud auntie!!

2. I have taught every grade level. I once taught at an independent study/home-school charter school, seeing students once a week... Talk about crazy lesson planning and grading!!!

3. I have a book addiction. I love to buy books, but I usually read about 6 at a time because I have trouble committing to one. (Unless it is written by Emily Giffin or Jennifer Weiner. I love them)

4. I am sensitive. I get my feelings hurt easily, and get teary when someone else is upset. Thankfully, I can usually hold the tears back when needed.

5. I may have more Disney movies than most children.

6. I watch A LOT of reality t.v. and teen dramas. They're my guilty pleasure.

7. I played trumpet for 8 years, but not many people knew it. I even hid this fact from friends in high school and made sure I was never in marching band. I now wish I still played.

8. I eventually want to get a Master's degree in curriculum and instruction. This is waaayyy down the line, but I think creating for TPT has really interested me in the what and why of creating curriculum and lesson delivery/engagement.

9. I have never been to WDW. It is a bucket list item, and we are planning a trip in a few years when my parents celebrate their 40th anniversary.

10. If I wasn't a teacher, I'd be an event coordinator or an interior decorator. I love making things look spectacular (on someone else's dime, hehe)!!

And now, my nominees!!

My girl, Laura, from Teaching from Beyond the Desk
Laura, from Luv my Kinders
and Elizabeth, from First Grade Stripes

Can't wait to see what they share!

A few thoughts and memories of Las Vegas

Hi, friends!
I am STILL recovering from TPTVegas.... Is that possible? I can't even believe it has come and gone, and that I have been home for 5 days now! Crazy.... I have been trying to put the experience into words for people who have asked me about it, but I am finding myself coming up short... All I can say is that I am DEFINITELY planning on attending again next year.... With a few minor adjustments... I was talking with my roomie, Sarah, and we both decided that next year, we would extend our trip a bit. I also want to attend the SDE conference next year. Who's with me??
Here are a few experiences I had last week:

Sarah and I at the Long Beach airport... We actually had a layover!
THE Amy Lemons... SO sweet!!

The Nor Cal Teacher Bloggers at the Blogger/Teacher meetup

One of our GoNoodle photobooth pictures.. I still cry laughing at this picture... Where did my green pants go with the green screen?!?

THE Deanna Jump... Also, SO sweet...
Had an amazing lobster roll at Lobster ME, where we met the sweet founder of Sit Spots...
Our first "official" session of the day was a panel which included THE Cara Carroll...
Who was just as kind as Amy and Deanna...
It's kind of weird to find someone who is small enough to make ME feel tall!! :)
After the kindergarten networking opportunity, I found Amie from Glitter Meets Glue Designs, and won a flash drive with some great EXCLUSIVE and FREE clip art!! :) Such a, you guessed it, sweetie!! 

We got to meet the founder of TPT, Paul, at the closing session/TPT Happy Hour!! (Amy B. B. is also in the background)
At one of the three fun meetups we attended! I won a cute bracelet!!

And, we HAD to finally get OUT of the hotel for frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3.

Some of the incredible views...

I saw the light of day on Friday!! 

Just a few of the goodies and friends I came home with!!

I plan to blog later about the actual sessions, but I wanted to show you a glimpse of the fun you NEED to join in on next year!!


....Annnnnnnnnnd, now I am addicted to one more thing: Periscope!!! Find me here:
"see" ya soon!!!

Personalize your borders!

Hello, again! I am finally teaming up for Monday Made It...on a Tuesday! I went with my mom, cousin, and nephew to the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield yesterday, so I didn't get a chance to blog...
I wanted to share a quick way I personalized my classroom borders for my FIRST Monday Made It!
I have a passion for things that have to do with THE Mouse.... When I found this punch at Joann Fabric on sale (PLUS my teacher discount), I HAD to have it!!

I had these already in my cart:

P.S. I totally flew home with some of the team from Creative Teaching Press, and they were SO nice! Keep an eye out for their Back to School emails... They are excited to share some new stuff!! :)

SO, and this is super easy, so bear with me......
I made my borders even more Disney-fied...

Here is the result...

I will be laminating these when I get a chance to go into school! Like I said, super easy, but so worth it!