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White board erasers

Hi, y'all! So, today was my "day off," since I have a summer school meeting tomorrow, and summer school starts Monday! I decided to sleep in (YAY!), but did still want to make today a productive one! I have had an idea milling around in my head for the past month or so on how to keep my markers and erasers for our personal white boards in one convenient spot. We use white boards OFTEN in our class, a necessary tool for teachers who are changing instruction with more student interaction in mind. The ONE thing that DRIVES ME CRAZY is how much time can be wasted when passing our supplies out. A lot of instruction occurs on our carpet, so students keeping white board supplies at their tables doesn't really work... I have been keeping their erasers in a Disneyland popcorn bucket, as well as their pens in another Disneyland popcorn bucket. (Just another way I love to incorporate my love for The Mouse in my classroom) I decided to go to Joann Fabric this afternoon to pick up some flannel fabric, and came out with red, yellow, and black (to match my favorite big-eared mascot).  The red and white polka dot fabric is going to be something for ME! :)

Here are the supplies I started with:
I cannot sew, nor do I have a sewing machine, so glue gun it was. 
I cut strips 4 inches wide and about 12 inches long. I then folded in the edges to keep them from fraying during use and hot glued those. Then, I folded the strip up, glueing the sides together, leaving about 3 inches of length at the top that was not glued together. 
I then folded the top and glued it to look like an envelope. I will be adding velcro tabs to the top and middle to even allow closure. I am just waiting on delivery from amazon. 
Here is the "finished product." 

These pouches will both serve as marker storage AND an eraser. The fabric is flannel, so it will be easy to use as an eraser and to clean, if needed. I think this is a simple and FUN way to store and manage whiteboard markers and erasers in the classroom. 
Stay tuned to find out what the polka dot fabric will be used for!

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