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Ahhhhh... You hear that? That's the sound of teachers in my district sighing in relief because we are done with report cards! I have been a bit M.I.A. because of the assessments and scoring for my 27 lovelies. I am now happy to report that on my agenda for today is: a Target run, TPT creating, laundry, and Dr. Pepper. :) I am still working on completing my registration for the TPT Conference. Sarah (my "real-life" friend and GREAT resource for techies) and I nailed down some details yesterday and it looks like we are on board! This month, I am teamed up with Emily from Live This Love for my SLANT box, and I love, love, love her outfit ideas! Check her out! Ok, more later. If you want to check out what I have been making the past few weeks (I have over 60 products now! Eek!), check me out at my TPT store! Happy weekend!

What's Goin' On?

It's Saturday, so I feel like I should check in.... Monday was a good day! I got a compliment and I felt encouraged and refreshed on how I am doing in the classroom, and went into the classroom on Tuesday feeling like a rock star! We got our teacher iPads last week, and I have had fun thinking of ways to use it in my classroom with my kinders. So far, I have really enjoyed using ClassDojo and Flashcards. On Thursday, I had a half-day data analysis collaboration, and my k team decided to implement class rotations! I have really been wanting to break up our afternoon in a way like this, so I am VERY excited to start these! Plus, the specific instruction we hope to provide will be very useful (we hope)! Yesterday was a break in the fog (it has been densely fog in the mornings on my 25 minute drive for the past few weeks), and I welcomed the chance to drive with my sunglasses on (even if for only about 5 minutes). We also finally got some rain yesterday and today. Something we have been desperate for in California for the past 2 years. Today, I binge-watched shows on Netflix while creating a few more products for TpT! If you are keeping count, I believe that is 38 products in 5 weeks! Exciting! I also got to see the finished product of some of my closest friends' new (to them) home  and visit with some people I haven't seen in awhile! Well, it's time for bed! I have church in the morning!

My Week in Review...

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to go snowshoeing for the first time!! I work with a teacher who also owns an outdoor adventure store... She is also a believer, and wanted to start a Christian Women's Outdoor Adventure Group.. Since I am trying to be outside of my comfort zone, I signed up! I had such a good time in the clean air with some great women, some of whom I work with! It was a great time of fellowship and retreat! Looking forward to more adventures!

Also, I sold my first product on TPT this week!!!

What is Pinned it, Spinned it?!

Hi y'all! If you follow my Instagram (@veryperryclassroom), you may notice the outfits I have been posting lately. It is part of a fun hashtag project by Jamie Matherly and Amy Martin posted on Pinterest. To participate, you have to tag them on Instagram and use the hashtag of the month.. This month it is #FebruaryPinnedItSpinnedIt.... They post the outfit, you post your outfit inspired by the pin...Follow their joint Pinterest board, and then post your outfit "spins." In order for people to see your hashtag, you need to have a public profile!

One more thing.... I am having a TPT sale! Whoop, whoop!!