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Hi, friends! Through an Instagram hop I participated in during April, I made some great friends and have gotten to know some great educators! Some of us have collaborated in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Day as well as Mother's Day. The good news for you? You get to hop to each of our blogs and pick up some freebies to get you through the rest of the year. Yep, freebies! Since we are gearing up for Mother's Day, I have a free graphic organizer available here and in my TPT store that students can use to prepare to write about their mother or teacher and then a writing page for final drafts!

You can click the link below to hop over to Mrs. Baker's Dozen for her fun freebie post!

Our next week is looking crazy! We are going on a field trip on Tuesday!! Open House is on Thursday!! So much going on, so little time! Seriously, is it really 15 school days until summer?

  In other news, I decided to teach 3 weeks of summer school this year. I have some trips planned for the summer (TPT Vegas!), so I needed something to keep me busy, and I liked the idea of working with some of the kiddos I know to reinforce learning. Plus, I love my job, so who can stay away?! I plan to fill you in this week on all we did to prepare this year for Open House. Because, really, Open House requires a full year of prep to truly show off a years' worth of progress!

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