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Happy 2016!

Hello, friends! If you're like me, you love the excitement the new year can bring. The time of year where anything seems possible, and the time when we reflect on the previous year. 2015 was a year of movement, to say the least. I am so happy with what has happened this year, be it launching my blog, figuring out the TPT business world, making new friends, or just finding out how AMAZING this community is! I have followed many of you throughout the years, and am SO thankful to now call many of you "friend."
To start the new year, I am linking up with some of my girls from the Primary Punchbowl, Diana and Jayme.

Let's get started.....
Personal: It is HARD to not get caught up in the Instagram, Periscope, Blab, TPT, Facebook Groups, etc. They are all GREAT tools, in their own way. My main resolution, though, is to only use them intentionally, and to not get caught up in "needing" to do these things. Just a little bit of honesty here. Also, I think it is SO important to be present and intentional with people, especially during face-to-face time. I am resolving to really enjoy and spend intentional time with others. 

School: My students are rock stars. I mean it. I had some VERY early readers. I want to take this and make them into rock star writers. We can do it! I am excited to see where they go in their writing journeys. 

Blog: HI, my name is Erin, and I got caught up from November-December and didn't blog. Sorry. I really want to STICK to blogging at least once a week. To think that I only started blogging in January 2015 is crazy, but I feel like I've learned a lot, and should be putting that out as well....

Thanks for joining me for my blog post! I can't wait to see what your resolutions are! If you'd like the template, click below. PLEASE be sure to linkup with us on the linky as well!! 

Happy New Year!! Cheers to 2016!!

Currently December

Once again, I am teaming up (albeit, LATE) for Currently with Farley!!! Happy December, friends!!
Listening: I love when great books get turned into films! I am listening to/watching Catching Fire tonight!
Loving: My younger nephew is in a snuggly phase, and is content to just sit on my lap for awhile! We had our town Christmas parade tonight, and he just snuggled all cozy in my lap.
Thinking: This month is my birthday. My 32nd birthday. I am trying to decide what I would like to accomplish in my 32nd year. Starting TPT and a blog in my 31st year was monumental, so this next year has endless possibilities!
Wanting: If you don't already know this about me, I LOVE TO GIVE GIFTS!! It is my "Love Language." I sometimes get a little stressed out thinking about ways to make others happy, but I really do enjoy it.
Needing: whether it be in the form of Dr. Pepper or coffee, I am in constant need of liquid energy these days. 2. MORE. WEEKS. We can do it, friends!

The tree: I have had a fake  tree since moving out. It just is the way it goes. Plus, I hate chopping one down and then throwing it away. #dontjudgemyfaketree

I hope you'll join us for currently!!

Five For Friday, December 4

Oh, friends! Welcome back! I have missed you!
Tonight, I am teaming up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for another Five for Friday!

I couldn't help pulling out the tree over Thanksgiving break and decorating as much as possible while I had the time and energy, I LOVE this season, and I love to decorate... Here is a glimpse into what I've accomplished so far...

TRUE STORY... Parent Project creations are underway....


Our elf, Mickey, got into a little bit of trouble with our school elf, Cali, this week! It is safe to say that the holidays are in full effect at school, too!! 

Some of my favorite holiday activities.... One is a shared writing of our Songfest lyrics... Students get to write the sight words, and we read for fluency. The other is an elf project that I LOVE to do. I am thinking this elf is going to have to be my next make & take blab project! 

Today, I came home to my Secret Santa box from I Teach For a Living (Lorraine). I loved everything about my package!!

Happy weekend friends! Hang in there, only 2 more weeks to go!! :)

Blabbing alone! Tonight's Make & Take Project

So, let me be honest.... I do NOT like to speak in public. Put me in front of 18 kindergartners, and I am GOLDEN. Put me in front of 5-500 Adults: panic central!!! BUT, this week, I tried something new! I thought it might be fun to create a project as a make and take through blab. SO, I put it out there! :) If you want to follow along and make this project with me, here is your supply list:
Here's what you'll need....
*1- 9x12 piece of red construction paper
*1- 1-inch square orange construction paper
*1-lunch sized paper bag--Sponge painted brown for more fun
*1- orange piece of construction paper for feet
*2-1"x12" strips of orange paper
*4 to 6-10inch tall paper feathers!
*1-index card (optional)-for recipe
*1-Black crayon/marker
*1- roll of tape
*1- bag of popped popcorn, rice, or a fun trail-mix-type snack in a sealed bag (like ziploc)
*1- 14 inch piece of yarn
*1- pencil!

Hope you have fun with this make and take! Click below for the directions....

If you would like to join the December Make & Take, please remember to come back for the announcement. You may also sign up to join me next time! I would LOVE to have company!

**If you made this project, PLEASE tag me on social media, so I can see your cute artwork!!I would love to see if this is something people enjoyed!**

Make and Take Blab Show

Hello, friends!
Wednesday, at 5:45 PM PST, I will be hosting my very first Make & Take Blab show! What does this mean?? It means that YOU can join ME in making something that you can use in your classroom!! I will be making something TURKEY related... Here's what you'll need....
*1- 9x12 piece of red construction paper
*1- 1-inch square orange construction paper
*1-lunch sized paper bag--Sponge painted brown for more fun
*1- orange piece of construction paper
*2-1"x12" strips of orange paper
*6-10inch tall paper feathers!
*1-index card (optional)
*1-Black crayon/marker
*1- roll of tape
*1- bag of popped popcorn, rice, or a fun trail-mix-type snack in a sealed bag (like ziploc)
*1- 14 inch piece of yarn
*1- pencil!

Find the blab HERE

If you'd like to suggest a project, or just JOIN me, please fill out the google form here
Hope you can make it!! :)

Five For Friday, November 13

Hello, again! I am teaming up again with Kacey from Doodlebugs Teaching for another edition of Five for Friday!

Did anyone else have time to celebrate veterans in their classroom? I really do think it is important to appreciate those in the armed forces, so I made this freebie, and then my students ALSO used it on Tuesday.

And then, I used my day off for a little pampering. I got my hair done, and went a little darker. 

We made Molly Lynch's Pilgrim graph freebies this week. You can find them here

Speaking of freebies, we completed this one this week. I made it in celebration of meeting some of my TPT goals. Just a small way to say "thanks" to those who support Very Perry Classroom! 
Click here to find it.

Finally, we are proud to announce a location for our Pacific Coast Region Teacher Meetup. If you missed the post, you can find the original here.
We have had many people helping from behind the scenes as well, Andrea, from Always Kindergarten; Shyra from Junior High Core Values; and Sheila, from Sheila Jane Teaching; just to name a few! The amount of giveaways and swag already donated is astounding!!! JOIN US!!!

Pacific Coast Region Meetup Location Announcement!!!

It's HAPPENING!  The Pacific Coast Region Meet Up is ACTUALLY HAPPENING!!!!  I feel like it was SO long ago that we started kicking around the idea of a HUGE meet up...and here I am sharing it with all of you!

The weekend we have planned is filled with fun and collaboration opportunities!!  We have AMAZING giveaways and an awesome SWAG bag for all of those in attendance!  Space is limited!

When:  February 19th-20th!
Where:  Sacramento, Ca
Cost:  $45  (Includes full dinner, t-shirt, and Swag bag!)

How do I sign up?

1.  Complete the form!  COMPLETE THE FORM HERE!

2.  Pay your $45 using PayPal.  Send money as FRIENDS/FAMILY to

3.  Book your hotel!  :)  We recommend somewhere in Downtown or Old Town Sacramento!  All of our activities will held around the capital and old town.

Once you are all signed up, you will receive an e-mail closer to the event with even more information and a few surprises!!!  :)  We can't wait to meet you!!!

Five for Friday: November 6

Hello, friend!! I am teaming up with Doodlebugs Teaching for another edition of Five for Friday!

I had a chance recently to hang out at my favorite place... during my favorite time of year. Heart: full....

Three of you can get a month of Rocks Box free. I got another box this week... And it was wonderful!! :) You should definitely try it!!

We LOVE Jack Hartmann.....And since SO many of my students are already meeting standards ahead of time,  so I need to expand on what they know, and Jack is helping us do that in fun ways!! He turns most concepts into a rap or song, and my students LOVE how he "gets down!!" 
Find his YouTube Channel here

Today was the last day of the first trimester. Let me just say: these babies have worked HARD on mastering much!! As a reward, I FINALLY introduced the listening centers, and my kids were in LOVE!! 
Have you read Owl Moon? It's such a good one!!
GAH! Is your classroom a disaster of piles of paper? Please say "yes!" (at least a little bit).... I tackled this drawer today...

And, don't worry, I totally tackled this area as well. My eye still twitches when I look at this picture.....
Happy Friday, friends! Hope you have a relaxing weekend!! 

Currently November

It's that time of the month again, friend! "Currently" happens to be one of my favorite linkys every month! I love seeing who all links up on Farley's blog and what fun they share!! 
I don't know about you, but October can be ROUGH without any breaks! Thank God we have an "extra" hour of sleep during Halloween weekend. I don't know what I'd do without it!! 
Let's get to it!
Listening: How have I NOT found this show before now?! It's right up my food-loving alley. It has the important components that I desire: reality tv, cheesy, food, and travel!! It's available on Netflix, if you're looking for something new!!

Loving: Ok, now that some of my friends have put away the spooky stuff (mine is still out, give me time), we are all starting to pull out our Thanksgiving decorations.  I LOVE any and all holidays. I have a few new ideas to use this year, and am planning a fun new product. :) YAY for the holidays, am I right?!? P.S. I got my first holiday red cup at Starbucks today, and was WAY more excited than a grown adult should be. 

Thinking: Ok, I'll say it: I am SO excited that TPT conference is in Orlando this year. This is coming from a girl who lives on the West Coast. Yes, I know travel will be expensive. Yes, I know that I may have to fly alone. But, MAN! It's going to be fun! This Disney lover has been looking for the perfect reason to travel to WDW for 31 years, and this will be a GREAT opportunity! Plus, I am excited to meet up with some of my ladies from The Primary Punchbowl in "real life!" 

Wanting: I don't know about you, but I am OBSESSED with Nickel and Suede earrings, and I am pretty sure it's Amy Lemons' fault. I spotted them in an Instagram picture, asked where they were from, and have been hooked ever since. The SOFTEST, LIGHTEST earrings ever! Every month, they feature a "Color of the Month," which is on sale. I have to tell you, I have started building QUITE a collection... 
Speaking of jewelry collections: I got my newest Rocks Box, and was sent another beautiful Kendra Scott piece. If you'd like to try Rocks Box out, make sure to use the code ERINBFF522  to try it out and get your first month FREE! The first 3 people who sign up get to try it FREE!!

Needing: Who doesn't need down time?! Friend, pat yourself on the back. You made it through one of the two longest months of the school year. October can be exhausting. But, you MADE it! I am hoping to get some more time to relax this month... I know it seems far-fetched, since the holidays are approaching, but to stay healthy, all parts of our beings need attending to. 

Yummy: This past month, I joined Weight Watchers. I have been really happy with the results, minus a small slip-up this weekend... I don't know what I was afraid of. I can still drink a Dr. Pepper a day! I think I have my mom convinced to sign up with me. I am pretty sure she will like it, because we don't deprive ourselves. One of my FANTASTIC colleagues is a lifetime member, so she has been SO helpful with tips and tricks of the trade. There are some WONDERFUL snacks and desserts that are very few WW+ points! I hope to post some recipes soon!

How about you, friend? What are you "currently" up to? Happy November!!

Halloween Safety

Hi, there! I know you have a lot of fun planned for the weekend! I wanted to share this great picture for Halloween safety! 
It can be found on this website. Happy Halloween!!!