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Currently: June

I know, I know, I am 2 days behind, but summer school is keeping me quite busy!!
When I saw the "Currently" graphic, I was curious as to why it wasn't sunshine or beach themed... Until I read Farley's blog post. And now, I am even more excited about this month's Currently....
Head to Farley's blog if you aren't sure what it is all about!
I donated, will you?

On to this month's linky...
Listening: I LOVE, love, LOVE food/cooking shows... And Netflix and Hulu have kept me satisfied the last few weeks. My ultimate fave is "Chopped," but I also like "Next Food Network Star," "Rachael & Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off" and "Cutthroat Kitchen."

Loving: I am teaching summer school until 1:00 Mondays-Thursday, and I am loving having time to myself with no prep needed! The best of both worlds! 

Thinking: I love reading. I am currently in the middle of  All You Could Ask For, by Mike Greenberg. When I finish that one, I have the memoir, Hope, written Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus as well as a book I am reading for a book club with some fun teachers: The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller. I may just read them all at once. Any suggestions for what I should read when I finish those?

Wanting: I did a little shopping at Dottie Couture after reading Cara Carroll's post today (What the Teacher Wore Wednesday). I got a fun tribal tank for TPT Vegas 15, but I am still on the hunt for more fun stuff! Also, I was talking to Brittany and Sarah, and Sarah hasn't been to Disneyland! For real!! When we met Brittany this past month at the Nor Cal Teacher Blogger Meetup, we were destined to be friends, due to our many similarities and commonalities! One of the major ones is her and my love for Disney! Since she can't make it to Vegas with Sarah and me, we would like to take Sarah on her first trip to Disney!!

Needing: a gel pedi!! I have been getting by with using some cute cheetah printed sparkly Jamberry nails on my toes, but I want a fun gel pedi and to sit in the massage chair... I have never been able to replicate the softness of my heels after a professional pedi... GAH! Maybe tomorrow after summer school...

Summer Lovin':
 I LOVE ice pops. Any frozen treat, really. I have my freezer stocked with the low-cal tubes of happiness! I tried out the Atkins diet yesterday, and lasted 1 day. ONE. I guess this girl was meant for more than 22 carbs per day. Plus, I don't do well with sugar-free foods. Headaches, nausea, the whole nine. So, I am now counting calories and cutting out much of my beloved Dr. Pepper for awhile. Wish me luck.... 
Looking forward to TPT Vegas, like many of you! I am excited to hear from some of the "bloggy superstars!" Who are you most excited to meet?

My parents have had some form of an RV since I was probably in Jr. High... This year, their plan is to take some time this summer to travel up the Oregon coast, and they want me to come. SO FUN! I will probably get to see some of my extended family, and I am TOTALLY looking forward to that!

As for classroom redesign... I am going to stay with classic Disney, (who are we kidding here?!), but I would like to add more elements and details, and really create most of my own stuff. One of my most popular TPT items are my Disney decor items. I am willing to create some more customized items, and am in the planning stages of a few more items... 

Whew! It is time to go to the young adults group at church soon, so I am going to sign off! Have a great June, friends! 

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