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Five for Friday, May 15

OMG! We MADE IT! My week has been caahhh-raaaaazy! I am looking forward to what is to come in the next 10 days! I am teaming up again with DoodleBugsTeaching for Five for Friday!

We only have 5 more days, and I am already getting nostalgic! I am truly going to miss my littles!! Today, I read them Last Day Blues, by Julie Danneberg, who wrote First Day Jitters. I even got a little misty. I am such a sap... You can find it here: Amazon link I got mine from Target.

AHHH, Mother's Day! For my mom and sister-in-law (the mommy of my sweet nephews), I made part of their gifts. I took side profile pics of the boys, traced them onto Cricut vinyl, and applied to black canvas from Michael's. Then, I added the boys ages and names, as well as hanging ribbon. My intention for my mom's present is for the "boys' room," which happens to be my former bedroom now decorated in primary colors and has turned into grandma and grandpa's playroom for E & L, complete with beds and furniture just for them. I knew the colors would match either one of the boys' rooms at my brother and sister-in-law's house, so the color scheme worked for them too. I was in charge of the chicken and cheesy potatoes for lunch. I had a full oven! My other brother and sister-in-law hosted in their gorgeous home, and made bacon-wrapped asparagus and CRANBERRY MARGARITA CUPCAKES. My sister-in-law is a wonderful baker who just got her Kitchenaid, and we are SO blessed by the purchase. :)

And this was legitimately my week. We assessed and assessed, and assessed some more. I am exhausted. I am so happy to be done with assessments and report cards. Now, I can focus on my weekend and the last week of school. Seems so surreal. I can't even.
This was my front seat of the car on Tuesday. We also only have one more week of youth group, and since I am teaching in the same town as the closest Krispy Kreme, I usually get to pick up donuts when we have "Donut Night." We have another great group of students graduating this year. 

I am actually really excited about this one.... I am about to go drink a margarita and head to bed. Tomorrow, I will be watching Pitch Perfect 2 (Aca-believe it!) and then heading to the Bay Area for another Nor Cal Teacher Blogger Meet-up arranged by Brianne. She did a great job with the last one. I am excited to meet up with some friends before #TPTVegas2015!! 

Have a great weekend, friends! Post soon about our FUN activities happening next week!!

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  1. Wow! You had a busy week! I am so jealous that you are almost done! Enjoy Pitch Perfect and your Meet-up! I am jealous about that too!

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