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Summer School Monday Fun!

The weekend has come and gone, and my students were TIRED this morning!! I had to think of something to hook their interest at the end of the day (Centers). I brought out a few tricks that I had used during the school year, but tweaked them to be summer appropriate! :) Our main ELA focus for summer school is high-frequency/sight words. Gotta get those kiddos READING and WRITING!
One of the three centers was a sight word page that I got for FREE from Confessions of a Homeschooler! She has created sight word packets for all the DOLCH lists. All of them. And they are ALL free! I have pages that I have created for TPT, but I didn't want students who were in my class this past school year to get bored with what we were doing.
Center two was a sight word fish. In my cleaning frenzy at the end of the year, where I was putting things away without labeling (EEK!), I don't necessarily have all supplies at my fingertips. I guess I know what I need to be doing this week after school... With that said, I knew I would not be able to find my bingo daubers with ease, so I brought out the markers. My students have always LOVED using markers, so any opportunity to do so is a welcomed one. I had a fish page with dots that I wrote today's sight words on (it, see). Students had to color those "gills" a certain color, and could color all of the other gills any other color. I thought the colorful fish turned out pretty cute. Here's mine that I started to color as an example before centers:

Don't worry, we will be cutting and using these in a prettier way later on in the week. 

Our final center is the "MOST funnest center I ever did!" (That is, according to my sweeties)
It starts with "magic paper." Which is really just white paper with the sight words we've learned so far written with white crayon, but that doesn't sound as fun, does it?!

--Looks like nothing, right?--
*Here comes the MAGIC...*
Students then have to use long strokes of watercolor paint to reveal the secret sight words! 

I was circulating during centers and hearing shouts of "we!!" and "he!" and "have!" Music to my ears...
Another fun day in summer school! Happy Monday, friends!

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