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#TPTSellerChallenge Week 1!

HI, friends! Today marked the last Monday (for me) of Summer School! It is getting down to the wire of free time and pool time in sight! Don't get me wrong, I am fully enjoying my time with the little ones, and I am also enjoying having free nights to design and re-design my TPT products. I have something fun to share with you! I am participating in the #TPTSellerChallenge! This means, each week I am tracking my numbers for my followers in all areas of my business! If you are unsure on how to follow me in any way, shape, or form, please check out the side bar of the blog! :)
Our first challenge was something that was already on my to-do list, so I am killing two birds with one stone! The challenge was to re-design a product, preview, or cover page... When I started designing in January, I was really just figuring things out.. I feel like I have been making growth as a designer/creator, so I wanted to share at least one picture of what I have accomplished today:
I had NO idea when I started what the whole background paper was about. In reality, digital paper can really make a difference in a product's cover page... I am excited to see what others have done this week with this challenge!

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