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Five for Friday, June 5!

Hi, friends! I have now completed week 1 of Summer School! I have been a busy lady this week, but I want to give you a glimpse into what I have been doing!
Once again, I am linking up with the lovely Kacey, of Doodle Bugs teaching for Five for Friday!

Summer school started, and I get to be in my classroom. We are only M-Th, so I try to include as much instruction as possible, but still keep it fun! It is nice, because I am able to come home at 1:00, and have the rest of the day with NO PREP!
One of the fun games we played at summer school was a "sight word dig". The "shells" I used for sight words will be up on TPT this weekend... Students dug a word out of the bucket and placed it on the table. They read the word, and then traced it in containers of sand. I got the containers, buckets, marbles AND the sand at Dollar Tree. Score! My favorite part is that there are no recording sheets to print off, and students were excited to play in sand!

Can I tell you what I TRIED to do this week? I TRIED to start the Atkins diet on Tuesday. Key word: tried... My dad has ALWAYS been successful on it. In fact, he has been an Atkins fan since the '90's... But, it was NOT for me... after feeling nauseous and battling a headache that seems to not be dulled with ibuprofen, I changed it up, and am trying some other methods (cutting calories, soda, and drinking a TON of water) that seem to be working for me. That's about as real as I can get on that. So far, I have already met my weekly goal, and it has only been 3 days!

Very Perry met a personal goal this week! I just wanted to say thanks to all my followers who recommended me & my new followers! HI!!! I also wanted to let you know there WILL be a giveaway this week, so stay tuned!! 
This one is easy... I have been having a great week catching up on my reading (see previous post), meeting friends for lunch, spending time with my nephews, and cleaning! I hope that you have all had a good week! Until next time!

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