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Five For Friday: June 19 and a GIVEAWAY!

Hello friends! I am here for Five for Friday again!
I have a lot to share with you, so I thought I would fill you in on a bit of it with today's linky!
Yesterday marked my last day of teaching summer school! I had so much fun teaching the kiddos for 3 of the 6 weeks of summer school, and am also so ready for a complete veg-out break!!
I had a sweet, sweet boy crying yesterday because he would miss me. I about cried myself, because it had only been three weeks and I hadn't  FULLY realized how impacting the program was! We had to have an ice cream sandwich send-off to keep things summer-y!
As I have been working on the #TPTSummerChallenge, I have been LOVING reading on everybody else's progress! I hit a personal goal on TPT sales-wise, and a few weeks ago, I hit a personal goal on Instagram. As a result, I am hosting a giveaway! It will be a physical goods giveaway!
In it will be:
$5 to my TPT store (I will print you a set for you to copy OR send you an electronic copy. If it is less than $2, I will print AND email it to you!), some informational texts (primary),  a few summer treats, and a few fun teacher necessities to get your next school year started right! Read on at the end of the post to see how you can win!
Every month, I play bunko with some fun ladies I met through my old school! I was the hostess last night, and I had fun! It is hard to be the host in the summer, since most of us are teachers and are go, go, go during the summer and can't make it, but we had a small group and a great deal of fun anyway! I made the buffalo chicken dip again, and I am wondering if it is socially acceptable to just eat it with a spoon instead of a celery stick or cracker... One can hope, right? 
Click on the photo to find the recipe from Frank's. I do this in a crock pot and add a TON of cheddar cheese instead of blue cheese! SO GOOD! 

I love me a good movie... So, naturally, I went and saw Jurassic World last Thursday night for a late night showing. I totally loved it. Like, love-loved, it! Since I loved it so much, when my sister-in-law asked if I wanted to watch the boys so she and my brother could see it, I leaped at the chance. I love being with "my boys" more than pretty much anything. I had a great time with them picnicking on the lawn for dinner, playing Legos. and just being plain silly. E is 3.5 and L is turning 1 next month, so they are in full-on entertainment mode all the time! I love being so close to them, so I get to see them a few times a week!

I'm kind of stretching here on number 5. To be honest, I have been creating and downloading things for my classroom, but haven't settled on what exactly I want my labels and organization to look like this year... I have hit a bit of "creator's block" and need some suggestions on whether to do full color, or more chalkboard background to clean it up a bit. I do know I want to eliminate white backgrounds, but that's about as far as I have gotten! 

OK, here is how to enter my giveaway... 
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  1. I have only now stumbled across your blog - I absolutely love the design it's brilliant !Sounds like you have had a great week! I'm so excited to see the new jurassic movie!

    1. Thank you!! You will love the movie (I hope)! Anything with Chris Pratt is good in my book! :)

  2. Congratulations on all of your milestone accomplishments!

  3. Can I just tell you that your blog is freaking adorable? I LOVE it! And I will HAVE to try that recipe. And don't feel bad....I completely relate to wanting to eat the dip with a spoon or my finger or anything other than something healthy. I never do it, though..........OR DO I? Make sure you check out my blog, too! I have a feeling you will like it.

    1. Haha! I had a BBQ tonight and made a fruit dip and definitely ate it straight outta the bowl after everybody left! That recipe will be next, but the best part is that you serve it with pretzels! YUM!

    2. And thanks for the love for the blog design! Lindsey really worked hard to match my personality, and I think she hit the nail on the head! Love your polka dots! I am also obsessed with polka dots because of Minnie. :)

  4. I love the new cover! Sounds like you have had a busy start to your summer. Hope you get some relaxation and fun time in now. Looks like a really yummy dip!
    Once Upon a Classroom: A Teacher's Tales

  5. any books from chicken soup for the soul

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  7. I love reading magazines in the summer. I am currently reading Rooftops of Teran and it's pretty good. Thanks for the giveaway! :)