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What do I do with those cute cover pages?!?!

So, many of you have journeyed into the land of buying and/or selling with Teachers Pay Teachers... I am doing both, but have always wondered what to do with all of the cute Cover pages and credit pages... I know how important it is as teachers for us to save time in the classroom and planning by having things organized... Trust me, I am ALWAYS asking my aide where things are because I have put them somewhere for "safe keeping..." only to have them stay there for awhile... When I started selling on TPT, I wanted a way to keep my products "grab-able," with masters for EVERYTHING, in case I needed a quick copy and wasn't home with my laptop. I think the solution I came up with helps... I bought large manila envelopes in bulk on Amazon (thank GOD for PRIME!) and started printing my products. I keep all sheets, cards, games in one product in one manila envelope and glue the cover page on top... Ta-DA! I am sure you all have WAY more creative ideas than this, but this is what is (so far) working for me! Happy Monday!

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