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Attention, attention!!

Hey, friends! Just  friendly reminder! Today is the last day for the Early Bird rate for TPT Vegas 2015! My friend and I are signed up and SO excited!!! This weekend, I am with my mom at the coast in her (and dad's) RV while my dad is at men's retreat nearby. We are calling it a "lazy weekend," as I am currently still in leggings and haven't showered. I am, however, being productive with some TPT products. I am editing and creating... The list of ideas is right next to me, and I am currently working with 4 tabs open! AHHHH, the makings of a great Saturday!! I promised more pictures of Read Across America week, and I promise (still) that I will get there before the end of the weekend. I am just too excited to get some creating done, so you'll have to bear with me... Also on the blogging agenda for this week: Dream Dinners! I had a taste session for my friends on Wednesday, and it is safe to say we have some new "believers!!" Another exciting announcement: I am currently on the schedule for a blog design from Lindsey Johnston, who I have been following since signing up for my first SLANT box exchange with Lessons with Coffee, AKA Jameson. A blog to be dedicated to that in the near future as well! Lindsey is so accomodating, creative, and actually affordable! Excited to see what she comes up with! It is her birthday this week, so she has been hosting a slew of freebies! Check out her teaching blog here for more details! Ok, more later, but wanted to share what I was up to this week! Happy Saturday!

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