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Green Eggs?! And HAM?!

Yesterday kicked off our week of celebration in honor of Dr. Seuss! (AKA Read Across America) We had so much fun! I always start the week with green eggs and ham, and go from there! First, I read the story and we predicted the rhyming word and what would happen at the end. Then, students journaled if they do/do not like green eggs and ham. Next, I had them sitting at the carpet as we discussed the elements of cooking eggs (scrambled). I did this in groups of 5/6 eggs at a time. I let each color group come up and "scramble" the eggs three times each. This kept them engaged, and really kept them on task, since they wanted to be called. :) Finally, I served them the green eggs and ham before recess. The ham was sliced lunchmeat.... In the afternoon, we took surveys from our friends and recorded the results. (The page we used is found in my TPT store: Ready-to-print pages). We discovered that more friends changed their opinion to yes after trying green eggs and ham! Tomorrow, I plan to blog about our fun fish adding page we used from the same packet! We love Dr. Seuss!

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