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March Madness... On to Sweet Sixteen!

Well, folks, Arizona did it! Now, I have to wait five days to see how Arizona does in Sweet Sixteen! I haven't been this excited about March Madness, in, well, never.. A long time!!Since Arizona beat The Ohio State, you should head on over to It's Elementary My Dear to see what her fun blog is hosting!! Keep up with the bracket below that Ashlyn from The Creative Classroom made!

On another note, Andrea of Always Kindergarten just went live today, thanks to a great designer, Miss Johnston of LPaullDesigns, who will also be designing my blog starting next weekend!! Andrea's blog turned out GREAT, so I can't wait!("Ooooh, Miss Perry, that rhymes!!") Andrea is a sweet woman whom I met at a meet-up in December for Northern California teachers...

 I know that I sound like a fangirl /walking ad, but I love sharing the love when it comes to teachers who are great! We are planning a meet up in May, thanks to Brianne of Hooo-ray for Teaching, so if you are a blogger in Northern California, let me know, and I can tell Brianne to add you to the list of invites!

Today, I had a quick shopping day with some friends to get some organizing essentials to mark the beginning of spring! I have WAY too many shoes, and NO storage for them... Now, the logical solution would be to pare down the number of shoes, but who really wants to do that?!? I bought one of these from Ikea, and am already considering an order of two more, because, of course, I need more! I have a drawer for work flats, sandals, booties, and running shoes...  I also have an overabundance (if that's possible) of DVDs, and currently store them on two very small DVD racks, so I ended up buying a tall (fatter) bookshelf to store them on... I hope to post pictures soon!It will be nice to see my floor soon. Keepin' it real....
I know I said I would post about Dream Dinners, which has literally given me the TIME to blog and create for Teachers Pay Teachers, and I still will! If you would like to check out their website in the meantime, please do so here!! I hosted a Dream Taste Session about 2 weeks ago, and I got at least 4 other teachers HOOKED! :)
Ok, good night, friends!


  1. Oh my gosh, you are awesome! Thanks for the shout, friend! And I hear you on the shoe thing...more storage is a much better solution that getting rid of them.
    Always Kindergarten

    1. Of course!! Love reading your blog posts about your ponds! We are reading "Swimmy" by Leo Lionni this week, and my students would be in LOVE with your ideas!

  2. Woooohooo, it's on this weekend, Erin! Good luck to your Wildcats. Fingers crossed "my" Badgers do well :)

    ☘ Molly
    Lucky to Be in First

    1. My hopes are that at least ONE of us NorCal bloggers is the winner at the end of March Madness! Here we go!!