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On to Elite Eight!

Yesterday, Arizona played Xavier, the team hosted by The Class Couple, and won once again! Head on over to their blog to see what their giveaway is going to be!! I am excited to have Arizona play tomorrow in the Elite Eight bracket. "We" are playing Wisconsin, which is hosted by Molly of Lucky to Be in First. I am excited because I actually met Molly at a blogger meet-up in December in the Bay Area for Northern California teachers. Either way, NorCal will be represented in the Final Four, and that is exciting (even though the actual teams aren't from CA)!!
 Tomorrow, I will be hiking with some ladies from work (the same ladies from the snow-shoeing trip), so I will have to post in the evening when I get back! In keeping with my 2015 goals, I have tried something new every month so far:
February- I created over 50 products in one month! I also presented a few ideas to other teachers at a collaborative group called Grade Alike, which was terrifying, but also pretty cool!
March- Booked TPT Vegas! Going on a wildflower hike!
Who knows what April will bring, but I am thankful for 2015 so far!
Stayed tuned soon to see how Arizona does and what Lindsey comes up with in my blog design!

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  1. Yay you! I'm soooo jealous you get to go to Vegas. I'm definitely going to make it a goal for next summer. Excited to see your new design soon!
    Always Kindergarten