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Five for Friday: November 6

Hello, friend!! I am teaming up with Doodlebugs Teaching for another edition of Five for Friday!

I had a chance recently to hang out at my favorite place... during my favorite time of year. Heart: full....

Three of you can get a month of Rocks Box free. I got another box this week... And it was wonderful!! :) You should definitely try it!!

We LOVE Jack Hartmann.....And since SO many of my students are already meeting standards ahead of time,  so I need to expand on what they know, and Jack is helping us do that in fun ways!! He turns most concepts into a rap or song, and my students LOVE how he "gets down!!" 
Find his YouTube Channel here

Today was the last day of the first trimester. Let me just say: these babies have worked HARD on mastering much!! As a reward, I FINALLY introduced the listening centers, and my kids were in LOVE!! 
Have you read Owl Moon? It's such a good one!!
GAH! Is your classroom a disaster of piles of paper? Please say "yes!" (at least a little bit).... I tackled this drawer today...

And, don't worry, I totally tackled this area as well. My eye still twitches when I look at this picture.....
Happy Friday, friends! Hope you have a relaxing weekend!! 


  1. I love that you fessed up to what a real classroom is like - we all have that mess.
    Paula’s Place

  2. Owl Moon is one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing the mess! It can be discouraging to only see perfectly meticulous classrooms. I have third graders, so I can put them to work organizing. Have a great Sunday!
    Laughter and Consistency