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Happy 2016!

Hello, friends! If you're like me, you love the excitement the new year can bring. The time of year where anything seems possible, and the time when we reflect on the previous year. 2015 was a year of movement, to say the least. I am so happy with what has happened this year, be it launching my blog, figuring out the TPT business world, making new friends, or just finding out how AMAZING this community is! I have followed many of you throughout the years, and am SO thankful to now call many of you "friend."
To start the new year, I am linking up with some of my girls from the Primary Punchbowl, Diana and Jayme.

Let's get started.....
Personal: It is HARD to not get caught up in the Instagram, Periscope, Blab, TPT, Facebook Groups, etc. They are all GREAT tools, in their own way. My main resolution, though, is to only use them intentionally, and to not get caught up in "needing" to do these things. Just a little bit of honesty here. Also, I think it is SO important to be present and intentional with people, especially during face-to-face time. I am resolving to really enjoy and spend intentional time with others. 

School: My students are rock stars. I mean it. I had some VERY early readers. I want to take this and make them into rock star writers. We can do it! I am excited to see where they go in their writing journeys. 

Blog: HI, my name is Erin, and I got caught up from November-December and didn't blog. Sorry. I really want to STICK to blogging at least once a week. To think that I only started blogging in January 2015 is crazy, but I feel like I've learned a lot, and should be putting that out as well....

Thanks for joining me for my blog post! I can't wait to see what your resolutions are! If you'd like the template, click below. PLEASE be sure to linkup with us on the linky as well!! 

Happy New Year!! Cheers to 2016!!


  1. (In unison) Hi, Erin. We will be your blogging support group! Haha We are also wanting to blog more, and be intentional with our blogging! Not just blogging for blog's sake!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Happy New Year!
    Ashley and Brooklynn

  2. Hi Erin, thanks for taking the time to link up with us. You are so right it is so easy to get caught up with all the social media tools. I think your goal of being intentional is great. Have a great start to your year. :)

  3. It is easy to get caught up. My problem is that I get caught up looking and not doing what I want to do for my students and share on IG, FB, and TPT. You have some great goals. Have a great New Year!

  4. Wonderful resolutions! I too want to blog more. I agree about getting caught up with all the social media out there. Great perspective! Hoping you have a fantastic 2016, so glad we found each other through this journey! Hugs!

    Luv My Kinders