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Make and Take Blab Show

Hello, friends!
Wednesday, at 5:45 PM PST, I will be hosting my very first Make & Take Blab show! What does this mean?? It means that YOU can join ME in making something that you can use in your classroom!! I will be making something TURKEY related... Here's what you'll need....
*1- 9x12 piece of red construction paper
*1- 1-inch square orange construction paper
*1-lunch sized paper bag--Sponge painted brown for more fun
*1- orange piece of construction paper
*2-1"x12" strips of orange paper
*6-10inch tall paper feathers!
*1-index card (optional)
*1-Black crayon/marker
*1- roll of tape
*1- bag of popped popcorn, rice, or a fun trail-mix-type snack in a sealed bag (like ziploc)
*1- 14 inch piece of yarn
*1- pencil!

Find the blab HERE

If you'd like to suggest a project, or just JOIN me, please fill out the google form here
Hope you can make it!! :)

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