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Blabbing alone! Tonight's Make & Take Project

So, let me be honest.... I do NOT like to speak in public. Put me in front of 18 kindergartners, and I am GOLDEN. Put me in front of 5-500 Adults: panic central!!! BUT, this week, I tried something new! I thought it might be fun to create a project as a make and take through blab. SO, I put it out there! :) If you want to follow along and make this project with me, here is your supply list:
Here's what you'll need....
*1- 9x12 piece of red construction paper
*1- 1-inch square orange construction paper
*1-lunch sized paper bag--Sponge painted brown for more fun
*1- orange piece of construction paper for feet
*2-1"x12" strips of orange paper
*4 to 6-10inch tall paper feathers!
*1-index card (optional)-for recipe
*1-Black crayon/marker
*1- roll of tape
*1- bag of popped popcorn, rice, or a fun trail-mix-type snack in a sealed bag (like ziploc)
*1- 14 inch piece of yarn
*1- pencil!

Hope you have fun with this make and take! Click below for the directions....

If you would like to join the December Make & Take, please remember to come back for the announcement. You may also sign up to join me next time! I would LOVE to have company!

**If you made this project, PLEASE tag me on social media, so I can see your cute artwork!!I would love to see if this is something people enjoyed!**

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