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Five for Friday: September 18

Hi, friends! I am here, recapping my week with you with Five for Friday!

We sent some Thank You cards to some firefighters fighting the local fires.

I had an encouraging week. I know that there were a few "speed bumps" along the way, but I also had some peaks, and some great encouragement that made it even sweeter. 

I had a bit of time to work on some upcoming units this week. I am planning on making the last week of September "Apple Week." Apple week is one of my FAVORITE weeks of the school year, so I can't wait to share all of the fun we will be having. One of my favorite new additions to the week is the emergent reader pack I created to use.
Yesterday, I got the chance to pick up my favorite boys (my nephews) from daycare after work. I LOVE spending time with those two, and yesterday wasn't any different. E is 3 & 1/2. and so FUN to share stories with. He said he hadn't heard the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. I started telling him a summarized version of it, and he was BEGGING for more stories. I love that he is so interested in stories and books. Right up Auntie's alley. :) L is just starting to walk, and does a fun little side-step. He gets SO proud of himself and starts laughing SO hard when he gets going. It was just what I needed after school yesterday.
This week, I will be guest-blogging on Kindergarten Chaos! I finished up my post this week, so stay tuned for when it goes live! I am SO excited to share some of the ways that I manage my class, and ways I keep my kids engaged!

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