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Five for Friday, Sept 11

Hello, again, friends!!
I am linking up once again with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!!

First, I would like to take a moment to remember this day 14 years ago.
I was a senior in high school and remember waking up with the news already on. My mom was watching, and when the second tower was hit, I remember her screaming. I also remember the terror of watching the towers fall. I was afraid to go to school. The number one thing I remember thinking was that life would never be the same. Let's remember to pray for families of those who were lost and those affected by the attacks that day. 

Switching gears, let's talk about this week!! 

Last Friday, I took off after school for a 3-day weekend at Disneyland with some friends. I hadn't been down there since MAY (GASP!), and was feeling major withdrawals! Here are a few fun pictures from the 60th anniversary celebration... All I can really say is you should really go and see it for yourself!!

 After being completely SOAKED on Splash Mountain, I had a quick moment to meet up with a great bloggy buddy, Brianne, from Hoooray for Teaching! :) She is one of the Fab Four from our TPT Vegas group!

I also found an appropriately named car dealership plate and HAD to take the opportunity to take a picture! :)
I had to document the hilariousness that ensued when I told my name to the barista this week... I guess "Erin" is hard! ;)

Ummm, yes! As I was leaving school on Friday, I got this message from Ellison!!! I am SO excited to get my machine and dies, and am especially excited for the projects I have in mind for my new toy!! 

I just NEED to take some time and celebrate the fact that my students have had some MAJOR successes this week!! 3 more kids got into our ABC Club, which is mastering all letters by sight as well as all 21 consonant sounds and the 10 vowel sounds. WHOOP WHOOP!!! Also, I have 7 kiddos in the Numbers Club, which means they can identify 0-20 by sight as well. I am so proud of my sweet kids, and am SO excited about our possibilities and the rate at which this group is learning! I have really started to see a difference in math instruction and engagement by doing something SO simple: sitting in a circle. Seriously. I think it makes it easier for me to check for understanding, and it makes students more cooperative and engaged. Who knew something so SIMPLE would make such a BIG difference! Happy weekend, friends! This is the end of my 5th week of school, and I am finally enjoying a plans-free weekend. LOVE it! :)


  1. I can't believe you were in high school in '01. OMGoodness! You are so young! I was teaching that day. It is one of those days that will forever be etched in our memories. Glad your sweeties are learning quickly this year! Good job! Have a great weekend:)
    Mrs. Byrd's Learning Tree

    1. KATIE! Thanks for calling me young! :) Hope you're having a great week, friend!!

  2. I love the feeling of satisfaction and pride I get when one of my kinders make connections and master their alphabet. Congrats on such a great accomplishment early on in the school year. :)

    1. Thanks! It really is such a great feeling! I feel like my students are also motivated by others' success!!