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At our staff meeting today, we had time to work with our grade level to evaluate our report cards and the assessments and the pacing and timing of each. I truly love working with my grade level because everyone is just so COOPERATIVE! We were sharing one area that we would love to beef up as the year ends, and, as most of you may agree, it was hands down in the area of writing instruction. One thing that is helping my students in the area of narrative writing is the graphic organizer I created. You can find it here. I had seen something similar in another classroom, but I wanted to expand on the concept. Each day, I took a familiar story and had students writing during centers at my group on each topic or area of the story. One day was characters. Students wrote a sentence (or two) about the main character(s) and drew a picture. The next day is setting. Then, the problem, solution, supporting characters, and conclusion (if there is an additional ending) . It really helped build comprehension and solidified the academic vocabulary of narrative. My students were AMAZED when we were through that they wrote about 6 different sections of the text, and wanted to read their finished product immediately. Since I had some absences last week, I told students  we needed to finalize our editing so that when we do share, they will all be at the same step of revision. I plan to make their writing into mini books with the next story we write about, but this time, we made storyboards using large pieces of construction paper folded into quarters. I can't wait to tell you how the Author's Chair session goes!

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