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Five for Friday

This week, I am also participating in Five For Friday, hosted by Doodle Bugs Teaching!
So, without further ado....
 I started a new instagram account to sell some of my closet as I am Spring Cleaning!

2. These are obviously in NO particular order, because this one is the MOST exciting thing about this week: My blog design is complete! I am thrilllllled with how it turned out! Lindsey did a great job!! 
3. This week, I both sent and received the March SLANT box. I was paired with Kapua from Hawaii, and we changed the theme up a bit, since we don't live in very cold places. We stuck to the indoor theme, and I am very happy with the box I received, and had fun putting her box together!

4. Have I mentioned how HAPPY I am to be on Spring Break?! I LOVE my students, but my body was starting to fight me out of PURE exhaustion! It is my own fault, because I tend to take on many, many things at once, and then feel a bit stressed because of it. SO, I have decided to chill out and take it easy during this break... And I am already going stir crazy on day 1! (I have blogged three times in 24 hours.... Must be a record). I stopped by a local fruit stand on my way home yesterday and got a coffee. I know, it sounds counterproductive. One of my great room moms works there, so we had a fun chat! And she put extra whipped cream on my coffee. #treatyoself
5. I am hosting a giveaway because my team was out of March Madness last Saturday, but I only have 6 entries! Somebody is going to be verrrrrry lucky if nobody else signs up before Sunday!!

 You can enter here
Have a very Happy Easter!!


  1. I LOVE your blog design! I'm such a Disney lover and this is adorable! I hope you enjoy it. Have a great weekend!

    Teach Talk Inspire

    1. Thanks!! I am really happy with how it turned out! Happy Easter!!

  2. Love your new look!!!