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Confession Time!

Hi, my name is Erin, and I am a container whore/hoarder! Phew, now that the confession is out, I feel so much lighter! Crap just got real, and chances are, if you are a primary teacher with a little too much on her plate, you are JUST. LIKE. ME. Why do we as teachers have the need to  have everything organized and sparkling clean for pictures? Does it make us better teachers? I would venture to say: no. BUT, as I worked in my classroom today, I was able to set some goals for organization, as long as I stay in my current classroom. If I have to move rooms, I would like to pack in the most organized (ha!) manner possible. On the hoarder note, I would have to say that I keep things thinking of great uses for them in the future. Unfortunately, I don't NEED these things. I just like the security of saying I HAVE them. I may just have to go out there again next weekend or stay late sometime this week to chuck some more. Maybe.
This is literally the most organized section of my room.....

On another note:
I wanted to talk about REMINDERS. Here are some of the ideas I have come across in the past few years for reminding parents about important events and information....

1. Taping the flyer to the child's shirt. Now, I have done this, and while I appreciate the idea behind it, it doesn't work for my students. They typically flap around or even fall off. Plus, when I hand the taped page to students to put on, it somehow gets twisted, dirty, or just plain doesn't work...

2. I have heard the Remind app is very useful for many teachers. Most parents have a cell phone they text on, and the app is free! I haven't used it, but I am considering downloading it for next year.
Go here to find it on Google Play...

3. Your school's system of call-out reminders. We have a reminder call sent out before minimum days, holidays, etc. I like that it covers what needs to be covered without effort on my part, as those days are typically busy for us teachers.

4. What I am now using in my classroom to remind parents is my Reminder Bracelet pack. I just print the bracelet I need, make copies on colored paper, and tape around a students' wrist. Simple. As. That.

What are you using in your classroom to remind parents?


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    1. Thanks! I tried them before our field trip on April 1, and I had everyone's stuff in the next day! Plus, the kids think they are cool! :)