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Tell All Tuesday: Top Ten of Teaching

HI, All! It's time for another "Tell All Tuesday with Diana and Jayme!
And here are my Top Ten....
10. I wish more people told me when I first started teaching to lighten up and have fun! This is WHY you work well with children. Having fun is SO important, otherwise it becomes a "job" rather than something you love!
9. Sometimes, we get focused on creating lesson plans, grading, and any other school-related item, and that's great! I have to give myself a limit sometimes and allow myself a Saturday or Sunday once in awhile to veg out and not focus on school. It's hard, but it keeps us sane. :)

8. If a parent wants to help in your classroom, have something for them to do! If another teacher offers help, accept it! This is a way to build relationships. Make sure you are doing the same in return! 

7. This is something I live by. Colleagues are often the best resource, and the greatest friends. Who else can understand why you NEED that extra Dr. Pepper today?

6. If you're feeling grumpy, your students WILL pick up on it! If you are exhibiting and feeling a positive attitude, your students will follow suit. If a student comes into your classroom and was having a rough morning, you have the power to turn that around. Amazing!

5. "My products are not nearly as popular as hers." "I wish I could be as creative as _____." "Why don't I have a singing voice like ______." Comparing to other teachers (bloggers, TPT Sellers, etc) is NO bueno, but it happens. If you are feeling inadequate because of comparison, remind yourself: No one else can do what I do. I am me, and that is who I need to be. :) (Did that sound too much like Sesame Street?!)

4.This is one we learn every day. Sometimes, the fire alarm goes off during a test. Or there is an assembly and you didn't write it down... Or, insert your scenario here.

3. I remember when I had a long-term sub assignment several years ago. This assignment was 4 months long, and I had just a few weeks left. And then, dun.dun. DUN.... I got sick! Thankfully, the teacher I was filling in for had daily lesson plans that were easy to follow, and I had been filling them in for the months I was subbing. This made it easy for me to follow as a long-term sub for planning, and it made it easy for me to be out, since the lesson plans were already laid out and filled in. 

2. One year, I was long-term subbing in a first grade class. (I got my credential during the recession. I did a lot of long-term subbing prior to signing a contract) One of the boys was involved in a hockey league, which was in a town about 35 minutes out of town. I went to one of his games, and his parents were so kind and appreciative. I now make it a point to let students know that if they are on a team, or playing a sport, they can give me their schedule, and I will try to make it to at least one of their events. This is a great way to show students you care about them.

1. This one is a given! I love my job, and I hope you love your job too!! 

So, what are your top ten??


  1. Spot on!! Students can totally pick up on your vibe! It took me a few months to realize that I could loosen up and have fun, I was in the same boat!!

    1. For sure! Sometimes we just have to tune out the noise and let loose!

  2. Wow!! I love your list!! Comparing is sosososooo hard to not do! But you are so very right! Thanks!
    Curious firsties

    1. It's a weekly, daily, and sometimes hourly issue for me, but we can't buy into it!

  3. You have such a great list!! I couldn't agree more about the sub plans, especially now that I've had to be out of school for 5 months to recover from my car accident. It is so helpful to have an organized classroom and organized plans so that, should the worst ever occur, you are prepared to be out of your room for an extended period of time! I appreciate your advice about not comparing yourself to others, that can be so hard to do but so important not to!
    Thank you so much for sharing your list with us, you have some really great advice!

    Kindergarten Dragons

    1. Thanks, Erin! I really had fun putting this week together and reading everyone else's blog entries!

  4. I wish we taught together!!! I would totally get you a Dr. Pepper!!!! Your list is awesome and I love our job too!!!

  5. Erin, your list was great! I couldn't agree more. When I first started teaching it was hard to have parent volunteers because I thought they were always watching and critiquing me. Once I got over that it has been wonderful to have the extra set of hands. I had it set up where parent volunteers would come in twice a week during our literacy centers and it was great. Yes, your colleagues get you, they understand your classroom and what is happening. My teammate and I always joke that we are each other's work spouse. Thanks for linking up with us!

  6. This was the first #‎TpTCATribe‬ blog I clicked on and when I saw Mickey and Minnie, I just KNEW you were awesome. ;) What a great list of lessons learned. I think I need to really focus on #10 this year. I get so caught up in my own head, but the best moments are just laughing and relaxing with the kids. Why is that so hard to remember? Lol! Thanks for the reminder, Erin!