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Back to School BASH

Hello, friends! I am happy to welcome you to a brand new linky, which will run every Wednesday for the next four weeks! The Back to School BASH linky will have four different themes, and this week is Classroom Set-up and Organization...

Since we go back to school in LESS THAN 2 weeks, I have been in my classroom working. I am NOT done, but I wanted to share what I have done... I have a long ways to go, and wish I had more in the way of organization, but alas, I am just not there yet! :) 
This is what my room looked like last week when I went in and started purging my stuff:

Don't judge me, I have been a busy bee! :)
Now, here is what I have accomplished:
I put up a new border and header for my Word Wall (it used to be a student work display board)
Yes, those are little tiny Mickeys that I glued onto the border. I couldn't help myself...

This year, I am using Brag Tags as incentives for EVERYTHING, but I didn't want students to take them home and lose them. I wanted them proudly displayed. So, I made this "Wall of Fame." I love this awning! The Mice are from Disneyland and are actually postcards. :)
Don't mind the cords. They will be disguised nicely before students come... My objective board is on the white board, and is created using magnetic border. I also have a "College Talk" label for the academic vocabulary we are learning.
Ok, I am IN love with this area... Last year, it was my Word Wall, and was dead space... Like, table with tubs that was NOT functional. I am hoping that moving my word wall over to my writing area (DUH, ERIN!) will be better, and now I have an ACTUAL AREA for a listening center. Plus, how CUTE is that couch that my fabulous admin found for me?! The wall with chalkboard fadeless paper (it's a real thing!!) will be completed when I finish printing my headers... I made the numbers, and the framed signs, but this is a blurry picture, so I will have to post another later. I really want to do tissue pom Mickey ears in the corner, or maybe a red polka dot bow. :)The bag at the bottom is for the birthdays that I will do once I have my birthday chart printed and ready to hang. I am also planning on adding borders around my window! Stay tuned for more later! 
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  1. How cute is that! I feel ya on the room not ready part! Luckily, I had some pics from last year I could use! I love your "College Words!" Hmmmm... That may need to be part of my room now! Can't wait for the rest of the series! Have a great one!


    1. Thanks! The College Talk is a WBT strategy, so steal away! :)

  2. I know that feeling when you walk into your classroom for the very first time and you realize how much work there is to do. It always gets done! Looks great so far! Looking forward to a fun Linky party with you!

    1. Thanks! I have to remind myself that the kids will fill the walls with awesome work, so I shouldn't stress! :)

  3. Oh my gosh, I love the Mickey Mouse theme!! How creative!!! Your wall of fame with the awning is so cool!!! I love what you've done so far!
    Learning Is Something To Treasure

    1. Thanks! I am excited for the first day of school to get here!

  4. I LOVE your room! I walked into mine last week utterly panicked about all I had to do, BUT it all came together with a couple of super late nights and help from family! I'm trying brag tags out for the first time this year, and I really love how you have them displayed on your wall of fame! I can't wait to see what you do next week!
    The Owl Teach