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A few thoughts and memories of Las Vegas

Hi, friends!
I am STILL recovering from TPTVegas.... Is that possible? I can't even believe it has come and gone, and that I have been home for 5 days now! Crazy.... I have been trying to put the experience into words for people who have asked me about it, but I am finding myself coming up short... All I can say is that I am DEFINITELY planning on attending again next year.... With a few minor adjustments... I was talking with my roomie, Sarah, and we both decided that next year, we would extend our trip a bit. I also want to attend the SDE conference next year. Who's with me??
Here are a few experiences I had last week:

Sarah and I at the Long Beach airport... We actually had a layover!
THE Amy Lemons... SO sweet!!

The Nor Cal Teacher Bloggers at the Blogger/Teacher meetup

One of our GoNoodle photobooth pictures.. I still cry laughing at this picture... Where did my green pants go with the green screen?!?

THE Deanna Jump... Also, SO sweet...
Had an amazing lobster roll at Lobster ME, where we met the sweet founder of Sit Spots...
Our first "official" session of the day was a panel which included THE Cara Carroll...
Who was just as kind as Amy and Deanna...
It's kind of weird to find someone who is small enough to make ME feel tall!! :)
After the kindergarten networking opportunity, I found Amie from Glitter Meets Glue Designs, and won a flash drive with some great EXCLUSIVE and FREE clip art!! :) Such a, you guessed it, sweetie!! 

We got to meet the founder of TPT, Paul, at the closing session/TPT Happy Hour!! (Amy B. B. is also in the background)
At one of the three fun meetups we attended! I won a cute bracelet!!

And, we HAD to finally get OUT of the hotel for frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3.

Some of the incredible views...

I saw the light of day on Friday!! 

Just a few of the goodies and friends I came home with!!

I plan to blog later about the actual sessions, but I wanted to show you a glimpse of the fun you NEED to join in on next year!!

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