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Teacher Meetup: What to Pack!

Ok, so you've signed up for a meetup...You've reached out to attendees.... Now, the age-old question: WHAT DO I PACK?!?
If you're going to a meetup that is not in your hometown, and/or you are staying overnight, you will need to do some planning... I'm hoping I can help...
First things first, CHECK THE WEATHER.... Research the place that you are visiting. Plan for unprecedented weather.  I usually like to pack a few items that I know will be used in many types of weather...

Without further ado, my Top 10 things to bring to a teacher meetup:

1. A Light jacket...
I like this one from Amazon.
Something that will wick away rain (or humidity), and will roll up and fit back in your bag easily.

If your meetup is going to have ANY activities that will require you to walk (like a scavenger hunt, changing venues, etc), you will be glad for this suggestion. Nothing can ruin a good time worse than feet in pain! I KNOW the importance of cute shoes at an event, but if you plan on being gone for more than a few hours, consider slipping some comfy ones in your bag as well.

3. Business Cards
I didn't know about this important piece until I attended my first meetup. It's a great way to help people remember WHO they met, and it links your blog/TPT store/Instagram to your face! 

4. Cash

Many meetups have your meal, snacks, or drinks included. But, if you are planning on doing anything spontaneous, it's important to have some cash for your fun! For instance, I will be bringing cash for our Happy Hour meetup on Friday at Teachers Take Sacramento, and cash for our bowling night! It also helps when you have a large group to not have to wait to split things a million ways among all the cards. :)

5. An outfit that screams "YOU!"
For me, this is pretty easy. I typically wear black jeans to EVERYTHING, and I like a lot of lace and earrings. You want to be comfortable, but you also want to look cute! You're going to be taking pictures and meeting people for the first time. Show up wearing what you feel your best in!

6. A pen...

What teacher DOESN'T like pens?! You will want to bring a pen to write down numbers, emails, etc. of your new friends!

7. A camera/camera phone

You are going to be meeting people and making new friends... You are going to want to document! Don't forget your camera/phone! 

8. Your name tag!

Often times, your meetup hosts will send you a name tag template for you to print ahead of time. I remember this summer when a friend of mine forgot her meetup name tag and was SO bummed!  Print it, then put it right into your bag!

9. Space in your suitcase! 

MOST meetups have amazing giveaways... You should definitely leave room in your bag for sweet giveaways and swag! 

10. A positive attitude! 
You can never go wrong with a smile on your face! 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, friend! Looking forward to seeing you there!

  2. Do we have a name tag template yet?
    PS. I hope you are okay with me doing the Roll Call~ I would love for you fill out your slide! Thanks for all you are doing to make this a memorable event!
    The Apple Basket Teacher

    1. OF COURSE! That is on my to-do list for the day!! Thanks, Nancy!! <3

    2. P.S. Name tags are being sent out this week! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Can't wait to meet you, too!! I am SO excited!!

  4. Thanks for the reminders, Erin.

  5. Thanks Erin!! Getting excited to meet everyone!!

  6. Thank you for these tips. I was just about to ask what everyone was wearing!! :)

  7. Packed! Looking cute top? Hmmm, maybe have to shop along the way!! Ha... See you all soooooonnnnnnn!


  8. This post is AWESOME and so helpful! Can't wait to meet you Erin and everyone else:):):):)