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Currently, February

Ok, so I am blogging my "Currently" almost a week late... I love that Farley keeps the link up so long. Otherwise, there would be months I didn't get to participate. :)
Listening: I am currently listening to/watching Friends for the 9 millionth time, and LOVING it. I can't help it. Love the show...

Loving: We have had an AMAZING time getting donors for our meetup giveaways. Can I tell you how EXCITED I am for #TeachersTakeSacramento16?!? It's gonna be GREAT!!

Thinking: Every year, my sweeties make Valentine's Day a bigger deal than Christmas. No kidding. I am currently brainstorming ideas to make it exciting for them!

Wanting: we have been teased with some 70 degree weather, and that darn groundhog may be right!! I was kind of getting used to the rain though. Some of my friends in other states/districts get a long break in the next few weeks and are taking vacations. I may be jealous of living vicariously through their margaritas and sand.....

Needing: Does anyone else have a random pile of junk in one area of their car? Just me? OK.... Well, I need to spend my day off tomorrow cleaning out my car. 

Swooning: I have also been re-watching "Chuck" on Netflix, and HOW adorable is Zachary Levi? That guy. <3 crush.="" erd="" nbsp="" p="">

Hope your February rocks!!

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  1. I know what you mean about cleaning out the car. Mine is horrible and I keep saying that I'm going to clean it, but I never get to it. Hope you can get yours clean soon. Kristi :-) Teaching Little Miracles