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Meet the Teacher Night Ideas

HI, friends! I am linking up (a little late) for week 2 of the Back to School Bash! Today's topic is "Meet the Teacher Night Ideas."
I have never had a Meet the Teacher Night, but I imagine it is much like Back to School night, or kindergarten orientation...
Our kinders come on the first day of school for the "big kids" to get a rundown of the day, procedures, and, essentially, to meet the teacher... Last year, I was new to my school, so I didn't really know how everything worked, but this year I am going into the year feeling excited and confident!
One of the things we do at Kindergarten Orientation is go over our schedule. I like to create a Powerpoint to go over things with visuals.
Another idea we had for this year was a slideshow of teachers doing different things on the playground and discussing do's and don't's. I can only imagine that the kiddos' moods will be lightened when they see their teacher climbing up a slide. :)
Next, I usually have parents fill out any important paperwork required by school so that we can get it turned in ASAP. While parents are asking questions or filling out paperwork, I usually have an activity for students to complete such as name coloring, first day portraits, or exploring a book tub I've pre-selected. This tends to be board books, since I have not gone over classroom library procedures yet. I save that kind of stuff for later.
I also go over our classroom management plan. I will be explaining our brag tags and modified clip chart, and how they are intended to be used.
I have created a meet the teacher freebie in my TPT store, and will be copying it on the back of our schedule handout. It is important to have parents understand you as a teacher and a human being. :)
Finally, I will be allowing students to select their first day of school brag tag, and adding them to the rings on our "Wall of Fame." Check back on Tuesday for an updated post with pictures! I didn't take any pictures today (ugh!) of the items I have talked about.

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  1. We use Brag Badges too...we started using them last year as we implemented Leader In Me in our school! Our kiddies LOVE them. Thanks for sharing!☺♥♥♥

    1. I have read a lot about Leader In Me. It seems like a great program!!

  2. Love the idea of letting your student's pick out their first brag tags. How special for them to have a place on the wall of fame!


    An Apple a Day in First Grade

    1. Yes! I am looking forward to the excitement of introducing them tomorrow!

  3. Brag tags...... Oh how I wanted to use them this year! I think I am still going to to try - I will just be a little late getting things rolling! Great ideas as always from you!


    1. It's never too late! :) I think you will find them to be very motivating! I am excited to use them this year!