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Back to School Bash; The first week AND another giveaway!!

OK, friends! I have made it through half of our first week! This week, I am linking up again for the Back to School Bash. This week is appropriately about The First Week!!
I had planned on taking soooo many pictures, but it is a running joke that my phone is due for an upgrade, and I haven't managed to take any this week (worst blogger award)!! I will just have to use my words... :)

  1. On the first day, my kinders come for a short time in the morning with their parents to meet me and better understand the schedule, where my classroom is located, and a few other pieces of information necessary before the first day. While the parents are engaged with the presentation, I have students color a boy or girl cutout with his/her name on it. I pre-cut these people, mainly because I haven't taught the procedure of using scissors, and because coloring is really what we are going to compare when we do another one (using the same template) at the end of the year. 
  2. Yesterday, I had students for the first full day. We did a tour of the school, and I had them practice walking in a line. At our school, we have lines painted, to make it easier for students to stay focused and engaged in line. I also took them to the cafeteria and explained how to use their lunch card. Another colleague of mine hid paper bone cutouts and read a dog story. The dog had gone to school, and on each bone, she listed a clue about where to go next. This is a fun and simple way to introduce students to important locations on campus.
  3. I also did VERY simple centers yesterday. I ran 3 centers: using pattern blocks, drawing a picture of their first day and writing their names, and a handprint art project with a poem that went along with what we read: The Kissing Hand. Who DOESN'T love The Kissing Hand?! I get teary, and I don't even have my own kids!
  4. Today's centers were also simple. I had printed out each name with a white filled text and had students use dot markers (bingo daubers) to trace their names. This is a way to practice fine motor skills. I also had students at a math center using linking cubes. Finally, I had students working on signing their names and using a stamp.
  5. Another first week activity I like doing is a "How We Get Home" chart. I cut out bus, car, and shoe clip art, label a piece of chart paper, and we get started. This is one way to kill two birds with one stone. Not only do I now know who goes where after school, but students are also actively engaged in an activity. It's also a good way to begin introducing the concept of graphing (sorting) and counting. I was SHOCKED when a student knew the number 15! Shocked, but impressed. :)

I have more that I hope to add to this list this week(with pictures, darn iPhone4!), so stay tuned! Thanks for joining me!

I have some more fun news! The Linky party is also hosting ANOTHER giveaway!! You can enter for some great giveaways below!

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  1. We LOVE your idea of hiding the dog bones around the school with clues to make our tour fun! We know our kiddies would love that too. Thanks so much for sharing!☺♥♥♥

  2. Great ideas! I will have to share with our K teachers! We have a painted line on our floors, too! Even third graders need it! It sure makes it easier! Thanks for sharing!