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Ahhhhh... You hear that? That's the sound of teachers in my district sighing in relief because we are done with report cards! I have been a bit M.I.A. because of the assessments and scoring for my 27 lovelies. I am now happy to report that on my agenda for today is: a Target run, TPT creating, laundry, and Dr. Pepper. :) I am still working on completing my registration for the TPT Conference. Sarah (my "real-life" friend and GREAT resource for techies) and I nailed down some details yesterday and it looks like we are on board! This month, I am teamed up with Emily from Live This Love for my SLANT box, and I love, love, love her outfit ideas! Check her out! Ok, more later. If you want to check out what I have been making the past few weeks (I have over 60 products now! Eek!), check me out at my TPT store! Happy weekend!

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