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Back in the saddle again....

Yesterday, I went back to school to do some post-Christmas clean up.... I knew that Monday was quickly on it's way (although I am still having trouble remembering what day of the week it is), and wanted to make the jump back into routine as smooth as possible for me and the 26 kiddos I call "mine."
I brought in a lot of the goodies I got for Christmas and my birthday for the classroom, including the fun stuff from my December #Slantbox. I was feeling like a rebel with "ripped/torn" jeans and parking in the "visitor" spot in the parking lot. Whoooo. Living it UP!
I also did a little planning for January, aided by my January project binder and notes I had written for pre-planning. I also printed out copies of what I had on electronic file for January and the current Open Court (our curriculum for ELA) Unit, "Stick to It." I find that unit title ironic, as that is one of my goals for 2015, to "stick to" more of the commitments I make in the classroom and at school.
For those of you who know me, you know that I am doggedly committed to my word and promises, and HATE breaking those. But, as many of you also know, it is very difficult to always do everything the same allllll. the. time.... So, I am committed to getting my lesson planning early-ish so that I can go home before the sun... We'll see, come February, how well I am accomplishing that task, but that is my goal for now... What are your 2015 goals? Also, why is there a random boot on my classroom floor?

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