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Top 10 MUST-HAVE items in your teacher desk or cabinet

Hey, friends! I am getting ready to go back to school, and am moving into a new classroom. As I am unpacking my teacher desk, I am finding my essential items that have carried me through my years of teaching. These are things you can find in my teacher desk, or in one of my "teacher" cabinets. Ready?
You never know when you'll need to fix something, put something together, or just need a darn level for that bulletin board you are hanging. I have found three tools to be the most useful: a screw driver (gotta change the batteries on my LeapFrog pens somehow!), a level, and a flashlight. (Is that a tool? I digress...)
This is one that has saved me on nights where I needed to stay for a meeting (I live 30 minutes from my school), on days I forget to put on makeup (it happens!), or on days when I felt I wanted to "touch up." I only have a "spare" eyeliner, lip gloss, and face powder, but it has definitely come in handy over the years.
You know those days where you enjoyed the HECK out of a burger that had an onion and garlic mayo on it? (Can I get a "what! what!" for "Fat Fridays?") No worries, if you have your dental care. :) Also good for after your second (or, cough, third) cup of coffee. I usually get a sweet bag from my dentist at my visit and store it in my desk. 
I have a bottle of body spray I bought during Bath & Body Works' Semi-Annual Sale, and it has come through in a pinch over the years. 
I use hand lotion like it's going out of style. During the winter, my eczema gets bad... AND using hand sanitizer dries my hands out. So hand lotion is a MUST. 
Anyone else have the world's WORST phone battery? When I drive home from work, I like to drive with a full battery, so I store a cheap phone charger (thanks, Amazon) in the cabinet. Once my kiddos have left, I charge while I am prepping my class for the next day, and I am ready to roll. 

I have fine hair that after a long day will make me look like a #hotmess teacher. I also have a brush on hand for the moments where I need to go somewhere right after school and don't have time to run home and refresh.

Ok, so obviously every school has a different policy on this. Make friends with your school nurse and see if you can store in her office if you need to. PLEASE check with your school's policy before storing any medication in your classroom.

I actually keep an alcohol-based hairspray in my desk for the days where I get ink stains on my clothes and for art projects. But you could also use it for your hair. :)

Ok, this is number one for a reason. I am a SNACKER. There are days where our lunch doesn't have enough. We get hungry. We didn't eat breakfast. We stayed late in our classroom. The reasons are endless. Some of my favorite "desk snacks?" Nuts, popcorn, powdered drink mix to add to water bottles, and, of course, CHOCOLATE. 

There are my TOP 10 "must-haves" for my teacher desk.... I bought most of these things from the dollar store, the travel section at Target, or on Amazon. You don't need to break the bank to stay prepared. What do you keep on hand in your desk or cabinet? Share below!

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