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5 Ways to Save Money in the Classroom

Hello, friends!
If you are like me, you are still (financially) recovering from the expenses of Christmas... BUT, if you're like pretty much ANY teacher across the planet, you spend much of your own money on your classroom.. Today, I am bringing you some of my favorite ways to save money in the classroom

Take inventory of your actual supplies.
So many times, I find myself buying glue gun sticks, Flair pens, and tape, when I actually have a stockpile of them in my classroom, at home, or even in my car! By taking an inventory (and writing it down, or documenting by taking pictures), it will help you from spending unnecessarily. Your wallet will thank you. ;)

Look for needed items online (Craigslist, Garage sale listings, eBay, etc).
Chances are, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Take advantage of the fact that MANY teachers (especially after the gift-giving season) are trying to get rid of things they may not need in their own classrooms anymore. This also applies to furniture that can be re-purposed for use in your classroom. 
Keep an eye out for the "freebie" section. That is where some of your best finds may appear. As always, take someone with you when you go to pick up your item. Safety first.

Make a wish list.
If you have awesome families like the ones at my school, they are more likely than not WILLING to contribute to the success of their students' education. If there are items you need for a lesson, event, or field trip that you need, making a wishlist online or posting one on your door is a way to visually let parents know what you'd like. I personally do not like to ask, but I don't mind having a list handy for those opportunities when parents want to know ways they can help. Just make sure you thank them. Let them know their kindness is appreciated!!

Become a member of NAEIR.
Oh. My. Goodness. This fall, through several Periscope broadcasts by several teacher friends, I learned of NAEIR. This is an amazing organization that provides DEEP discounts on thousands of items to be used in your classroom. You have to apply to prove that you work for a non-profit (your school), and that the items bought will be used in your classroom (not for gifts, prizes, personal use at home, etc). Once you're in, begin spending! It'll be fun, I promise. I was able to buy SEVERAL needed items for my classroom for $28. This included several base 10 sets, stamps, stamp pads, flair pens, post-its and MORE! The only requirement is that you spend $25/order to cover shipping. That's it! It's definitely worth checking out to see if what you need is available! Inventory changes daily, so check it out!
Use your teacher discount to your advantage!!!
SO many stores that sell what you need in your classroom also offer teacher discounts. One of my favorites is Michael's Arts & Crafts. I NEVER go to Michael's without my teacher I.D. JoAnn Fabric will also offer teacher discounts on your purchases. For a complete list, visit Gift Card Granny, who has a list of 81 discounts!!

I hope this has helped you start your year off right! Wishing you a frugal, fantastic 2016!! 

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  1. Naeir sounds like something I need to check out. How have I missed knowing about this. Lots of great ideas my friend! Thanks for sharing!

    Luv My Kinders